Perez Hilton’s Daily Update With Carson: Madonna Has A Nip Slip!

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Photo by Kevin Winter // Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Winter // Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Ohhhh Madonna!  That might be what people in Istanbul were saying right after Madge busted a Janet Jackson at her concert!

Yes, Madonna flashed her nipple and yes, she’s over 50.  Didn’t know 50-year-olds still do that type of thing but when you’re Madonna you can get away with a lot more than usual.

We get that it might be a pun since she was performing “Human Nature,” but still! People paid money to see a concert not a strip tease!

Pop icons think they can do anything!

It had been a while since we last talked to Perez so he had lots to fill Carson in on including Matthew McConaughey’s wedding, Lindsay Lohan getting in a car accident, and Deena from Jersey Shore gets arrested!!

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