Ryan Gosling, Dancing Fool : Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video of The Day!

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Carson Carson Daly
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I’ll watch pretty much anything Ryan Gosling does… I think he’s a great actor and chooses his roles wisely. He also seems like a nice guy who I’d like to get a beer with. Yes, I understand that every girl in America thinks he’s dreamy so that makes me want to hang with him more. If you’re a guy hanging out with Mr. Gosling, you’d probably end up dating a supermodel just by riding his wake alone. That said, after seeing today’s video I 100% want to fight him. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff as a kid (we all have) but never have I worn MC Hammer pants nor danced to C&C Music Factory. On an unrelated note, this may be one of the first YouTube videos that really doesn’t have any negative comments… seems like Ryan Gosling can do no wrong. Fine then…I take it back.


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