Perez Hilton’s Daily Update With Carson: Lindsay Lohan Is A Drama Queen!

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Photo by Mark Davis // Getty Images

Photo by Mark Davis // Getty Images

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We get it, Lindsay Lohan, you’re an actress but that does not mean you have to be dramatic with everything you say and do!

It’s safe to say people were pretty surprised that Lindsay Lohan got a gig in Hollywood even after all her legal fiascoes but apparently second chances do exist!

You would think she would be elated to even have a job but no, she complains about long work days instead!

To top it off, she’s lying aout just how long her days at work actually are, and lying is never a good thing!

Just be grateful that you have a job LiLo!

Perez also told Carson about Ann Curry leaving the Today Show, 98 Degrees are officially reuniting, and new music coming soon from Mariah Carey and Pink!

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