Flashback Friday: Summer Jams Edition

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(Photo: AMP Radio/Los Angeles)

(Photo: AMP Radio/Los Angeles)

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Let’s do the math; bbq’s + bikinis + beaches – t-shirts + lots of sunscreen (SPF 70 for me) + cold drinks – shoes + flip flops + pool parties + slip n slides & water guns = Summer. Last week was the official kick off to summer, but really as well all know Flashback Friday is the “Official” official kick off to summer! Let’s take it back…

To 1985 and the “summer of 69.” This is the same year you were playing with “My Buddy,” watching “Back To The Future” and celebrating a LA Lakers Championship.

Back in 1991 the average cost for a gallon of gas was about $1.12, you may have gotten your Bangarang on with “Hook” and Will Smith kept the party going with…


Brett who works here at the radio station and is currently standing right next to me would like me to add his personal summertime pick from 1994. This one has a particular taste.


12 years ago a dozen eggs cost about 89 cents, many of us were concerned about Y2K and Sisqo…well Sisqo tackled the real issue.


This next pick comes from another co-worker in the studio next to me. When Jake thinks summer he thinks about Foxy Brown & Jay – Z, let’s take it back to 1997.


Hello Summer!

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