Perez Hilton’s Daily Updates With Carson: Tallulah Willis Goes Topless???

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Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

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You know the phrase “comes with the territory?” Well part of fame’s territory is naked photos.

Basically if you are famous in any way, be it from doing nothing like Kim Kardashian or doing something like the kids on Glee, you most likely have a naked picture that WILL find its way around the world wide web.

This is what just happened to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis.  Apparently there are photos of her topless and with a joint in hand!

Although he is a legal adult now, Perez thinks her lawyer is going to claim that Tallulah was under age when that photo was taken to keep it from going viral!

Perez also gave Carson a Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise update, and told him about Chad Ocho Cinco live tweeting during his wedding and Demi Moore’s daughters have cut off contact with their mom!

Want to know more details?? Get the full stories from the links below!

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