Computer Virus Could Shut Down Your Internet!

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla // Getty Images

Photo by Chip Somodevilla // Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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NEWSFLASH: If you wake up on Monday and your internet isn’t working, it may be because of this weird computer virus that’s making the rounds.

It’s been dubbed the “doomsday internet virus” and it could knock off as many as 250,000 computers worldwide from the internet.

You can blame it on an online fraud ring that implanted the virus inside the computers. The FBI busted the hackers, but not before the damage had been done.

Basically, the hackers used the virus to redirect your computer to a specific server (that’s how you connect to the internet). Authorities are shutting down those servers on Monday, so if your computer is connecting to them, you’ll be out of luck.

Go to the FBI-approved site to see if your computer has been infected. No, this is not a scam! If your computer is good to go, you’ll see a green box. If it’s red, then you’ve been infected!

Okay…you’ve been sufficiently warned. You may now resume watching cat videos on YouTube.

[Source: CBS News]

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio, Los Angeles

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