Singapore Celebrates National Night By Making Babies!

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Photo by Daniel Berehulak // Getty Images

Photo by Daniel Berehulak // Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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In Singapore, National Day is pretty similar to our Fourth of July holiday. It commemorates Singapore’s independence from Malaysia and features parades and fireworks.

This year, however, the country is promoting a very, how shall we put it…naked type of celebration.

The government is concerned about the decreasing birth rate and they’ve tried just about everything to entice couples to start a family. Tax breaks, government-paid maternity leaves, and even a government-sponsored dating network have been enacted, but there’s been no change thus far.

So naturally, Singapore officials thought the next logical step was to release a rap song encouraging it’s citizens to get freaky once the sun goes down!

They teamed up with Mentos to produce the ad campaign, which features lyrical gems like, “Singapore’s population, it needs some increasin’, so forget waving flags, August 9th we be freaking.”

Yes. This is real life.

Need a good laugh right about now? Do yourself a favor and watch this…

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio, Los Angeles

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