AMP Music Minute: Nicki Minaj Defies Doctor’s Orders, Adam Levine Loves Acting & Trey Songz Says Ne-Yo Is Being A Hater

Nicki Minaj Defies Doctor’s Orders –

Since when does Nicki Minaj do anything other than what she wants?!

Not even someone with an M.D. at the end of their name can tell the “Starships” singer what to do!

Apparently Nicki had strict orders to NOT perform for two weeks but she did so anyways.

Adam Levine Loves To Act –

Adam Levine is a triple threat.  He can sing. He can push the button (when he so desires) on a spinning red chair.  And he can act.

The latter is the most recent of his many talented trades but he already loves it so much!

We’ll get to see just how good of an actor he turns out to be when the 2nd season of American Horror Story airs!

Trey Songz Says Ne-Yo Is Being A Hater –

Wait, Trey Songz said Ne-Yo is a hater? Aren’t they friends? Can’t we all just get along?!?!

Trey Songz heard a comment by Ne-Yo saying he doesn’t think there is enough passion in his music.

Trey Songz response? He said Ne-yo is just being a hater.

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