Producer Angie Survives Costa Rica!

After Carson talked to a travel agent about Producer Angie’s upcoming Costa Rica vacation, we have to admit, we weren’t sure she would return home in one piece.

Unreliable roadways, klepto monkeys, and bugs the size of your fist…she had no idea what she was getting into!

Luckily, she and her family returned home late last night with lots of great memories and this morning, she broke down both the good and bad for Carson.

The monkeys didn’t end up stealing anything, but they did, however, make a crazy racket in the backyard of where she was staying.

It sounded a little something like this…

Terrifying, right?

The roads were a little treacherous and Producer Angie did have a little incident with drinking the local water, but all in all, it was an incredible vacation.

She spent lots of time relaxing, surfing, and indulging in the great seafood, so don’t worry if you heard some horror stories!

“We went zip-lining, we went on a catamaran…I took my kid on a catamaran!”

Take a listen to what else Producer Angie had to say:

Producer Angie's Costa Rica Vacation Recap

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio, Los Angeles

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