Perez Hilton’s Daily Update With Booker: Is That Rihanna On Chris Brown’s Neck???

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Photo by Mark Davis // Getty Images

Photo by Mark Davis // Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Everyone and their mom knows that Rihanna and Chris Brown made up.  They might not be bf/gf but they are definitely friends!

Just when you think the drama died it comes back to life and in the form of a tattoo on Chris Brown’s neck!

Of course everyone assumes its supposed to be Rihanna seeing as it looks like a woman who was injured but Chris claims otherwise.

His rep says that it is NOT RiRi and in fact in commemoration of the Day of the Dead.  Ummm if you have ever seen a Day of the Dead figure, it looks absolutely nothing like what Chris Brown has inked on his neck.  Just Saying.

Perez also told Booker about George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler NOT broken up despite rumors, Kris Jenner interrupting a 9/11 moment of silence and Randy Jackson going back to American Idol!

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