Mac Miller “Missed Calls” Is On Seena’s iPhone 5 Edition Playlist

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(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

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I did it.  I beat the internets.  I fought the digital stampeding masses and pre-ordered the new iPhone!  White 32GB, if you must know.

With all the phone talk going on recently with Apple’s announcement, I thought this song would be appropriate.  Not only because of the cellular theme, but it’s been on repeat at home AND it’s my favorite Mac Miller song.  You can find it on “Blue Slide Park” which is the Pittsburgh native’s debut studio album (it came out last year).

Enjoy this week’s Playlist Pick, “Missed Calls” by Mac Miller

Are you as hyped for the iPhone 5 as I am?

Well, maybe not everyone’s a fan…

-XO, Seena, AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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