Perez Hilton’s Daily Update With Carson: Paris Hilton Finds Drama In Vegas!

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Photo courtesy of Handout

Photo courtesy of Handout

Carson Carson Daly
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We have come to the conclusion that Paris Hilton will never learn. Like ever.

Seriously though, the girl aims to make headlines and not in a good way.

The heiress went to Las Vegas and got into some trouble.  In her probably drunken state, she decided to make out with another girl.

While Paris thought this was a good idea, her boyfriend did not and as a result he punched the boyfriend of the girl who made out with Paris. You know, at that one nightclub in that one city with all the people who are there to party. All. Night.

Punching someone in the face is never a choice move because then you end up arrested, which is exactly what happened to Paris Hilton’s boyfriend.

Perez also told Carson about Lindsay Lohan being a cell phone snatcher and tension upon the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart reunion.

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