AMP Music Minute: Kesha Is Done With Auto Tune, Wiz Khalifa’s Mixtape Drops Today & Ne-Yo Wants To Work With Adele

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Photos by Getty Images

Photos by Getty Images

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Kesha Is Done With Auto Tune -

Ke$ha has decided she is done using auto tune.  This could either be really good or really bad!

The singer says she’s tired of people thinking she can’t sing.

She says, ” I can do very few things confidently in my life, and one of them is that I can sing.”

Wiz Khalifa’s Mixtape Drops Today -

Wiz Khalifa has a new album coming out, but not until December.

Before you go crazy waiting, stop and just don’t.  His mixtape drops today!

The considerate rapper is putting his mixtape out today to hold his fans over until the record hits shelves in December!

Thanks, Wiz!

Ne-Yo Wants To Work With Adele -

Ok seriously, who DOESN’T want to work with Adele?!?!

Girl has a voice that sounds like a choir of angels, or something along those lines.  Ne-Yo really, REALLY wants to work with Adele!

He even shamelessly put the message out there that as soon as Adele is done having babies, he wants to get her in the studio and make magic happen.

AMP Music Minute

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