AMP Music Minute:Lil Wayne Asks Kanye West To Get Artsy, Ellie Goulding Likes Playing Intimate, Big Sean Wants Shady Collaboration

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Lil Wayne Asks Kanye West To Get Artsy

Picasso has nothin’ on Ye!!!

Lil Wayne’s ‘I AM Not A Human Being II’ arrives February!

He has asked Kanye West to design all of the album’s packaging!

Ellie Goulding Likes Playing Intimate

Who wants stadium gigs over intimate settings?

Ellie Goulding apparently prefers playing smaller, intimate venues.

She thinks bigger shows are “just a bit boring and a bit rubbish.”

Do you agree?

Big Sean Wants Shady Collaboration

Paging Eminem!

Big Sean is finishing his album but says he’s holding out for a while.

He’s hoping to collaborate with Eminem and make some studio magic!!

AMP Music Minute

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