President Barack Obama Flubs Oath Of Office…AGAIN!

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Are you suddenly suffering from a case of deja vu? We don’t blame you because it was only four years ago when President Obama flubbed the famous Oath of Office during his first inauguration.

In 2008, Chief Justice John Roberts asked him to recite the wrong words and consequently, he had to be re-sworn into office after the official ceremony.

We thought the Commander-in-Chief would have plenty of time to practice this time around, but he doggone done it again!

Maybe it was the nerves or the chilly temperatures, but he just couldn’t spit out all the words with ease.

Technically, Monday’s oath was just ceremonial. He took the law-binding oath in private on Sunday because the Constitution requires that a president be sworn in at exactly noon on January 20.

Carson blamed the blunder on Chief Justice Roberts’ long-winded phrasing, so he decided to give it a shot himself with Producer Angie Tuesday morning.

  • Do you think Carson can give Justice Roberts a run for his money? Help us settle this debate!

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