Camel Predicts Super Bowl Winner!

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Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Well ladies and gentleman, we can officially declare this year’s winner of the Super Bowl.

Yes, we realize the Har-Bowl is still a week and a half away, but haven’t you heard? Princess the Camel has made her pick!

You have no idea what we’re talking about? Okay…here’s the 411.

Princess the Camel resides in Lacey Township, New Jersey, and she’s a bit of a clairvoyant when it comes to predicting who will win the big game.

She has accurately picked 6 out of the past seven Super Bowls. Princess got it wrong in 2009 when she picked the Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints.

This year, Princess is going with the Baltimore Ravens even though the San Francisco 49ers are a 4-to-5-point favorite at the moment.

Her decision-making process sounds pretty darn sophisticated. Her owner writes the names of each team on both of his palms. He holds a graham cracker in each hand and whichever she chooses to eat first is her fool-proof prediction.

And because you’re all just dying to see it, here’s a clip of Princess making her choice for last year’s game:

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