AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake’s Whirlwind Comeback, Demi Lovato’s Secret To Happiness, T.I.’s Bounty Role

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Justin Timberlake’s Whirlwind Comeback

What else can JT do right now?!?

Justin Timberlake says with his decision to perform at the Grammys and

announcing his Palladium show, the comeback

has been a bit of a ‘whirlwind’ so far!

Demi Lovato’s Secret To Happiness

She really has given her heart a break…

Demi Lovato says her secret to happiness is NO MEN!

She says in the past she’s just looked for distractions, due to her

fear of “being alone.”

T.I.’s Bounty Role

Who needs a good laugh this weekend?

Keep an eye out for T.I.!

He returns to the big screen in the new movie, Identity Thief which opens Friday!

AMP Music Minute

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