AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Want Hype, Demi Lovato Wants Lady Gaga, Ke$ha Loves Touring

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 Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Want Hype

Well he’s already hyped up in his ‘Suit & Tie’…

But JT says he avoided answering questions when it came about making new music.

He says he just wanted to do it without a ton of expectations and hype.

Demi Lovato Wants Lady Gaga

So who’s got Demi Lovato’s eyes for X Factor?

While Demi herself isn’t confirmed to return to the music show next season,

she says if she returns; she’d love Lady Gaga take Britney Spear’s old spot!

Ke$ha Loves Touring

This wild child just killed during the NBA All-Star pre-game show over the weekend!

Ke$ha plans to announce tour dates soon, her love for the road and stage is what she lives for.

She says, “It’s when I get to bring the music that I’ve been working on for months and months

and months to life and connect to my fans. It brings it to life.”

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