AMP Music Minute- Kanye West Returning To Music, P!nk Trying To Be A Good Example, Nicki Minaj Bitten By Acting Bug

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 Kanye West Returning To Music

He’s a busy soon to be daddy!!

Kanye West wants it to be known that he’s working on new music!

He expects to have it out in a couple of months!

P!nk Trying To Be A Good Example

She’s a singer, a gymnast but first and more most a mommy!

P!nk is trying to set a good example for her daughter.

She wants to “show her that a woman can accomplish anything, and not based on her looks alone.”

Nicki Minaj Bitten By Acting Bug

The stars are aligned!

Nicki Minaj wants to act! She has an agent and is looking at a couple of scripts, but wants to

wait for the right project!
AMP Music Minute

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