AMP Music Minute- No Doubt Back In The Studio, Adele Wants To Do Documentary, Ke$ha Talks Lady Part In Song

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No Doubt Back In The Studio

Before you start to ‘Push & Shove’ to find tickets…you need to know this!

Gwen Stafani’s inspired to write new music so instead of touring as they mentioned last December,

No Doubt is back in the studio making hits!

Adele Wants To Do Documentary

She has an Oscar, a Golden Globe and new baby…

Adele is unstoppable! She wants to do an HBO documentary just

like fellow diva, Beyonce!

Ke$ha Talks Lady Part In Song

Have you heard the song, “Gold Trans AM” off Ke$ha’s new album?!?

Well that song is NOT about a car at all….

In fact it’s a about certain “lady” body part…

AMP Music Minute

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