AMP Music Minute-Miguel Pops Tags, Skrillex Selling Jeans, Big Sean Close to Album

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Miguel Pops Tags

Watch out Macklemore! You’re not the only one buying out Thrift Shops!

Miguel says he love hitting up thrift shops because he thinks

the clothes have more “character.”

Skrillex Selling Jeans

First grilled cheese, then animated movies now jeans!

Skrillex has his own limited edition line of  G-Star jeans!

They go on sale tomorrow and you can find them at the Melrose store!

Big Sean Close to Album

Keep blasting ‘Dance’ a little longer…

Big Sean says the album track “floating around is not the full track list…Close

but not all the way!” However he added that you can expect his Hall of Fame album

later this year.

AMP Music Minute

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