Should You Use The Snooze Button: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

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Carson Carson Daly
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How much do you love your snooze button?

I like mine, but don’t love it because I think I’m a victim of the “Snooze Button Effect.”

Sometimes I hit it at least 3 times or I’ll try to trick myself by putting it across the room, forcing myself to get out of bed thinking that’ll wake me up.

If I’ve been out late and have to get up for work, let me tell you one secret that always works and it’s natural…do the Bart Simpson.

I learned this from Bart I think from a Christmas episode of The Simpsons where he drank a ton of water in order to have mother nature wake him up in order to see what presents he got. Works every time!

People will try many different things to keep from hitting the snooze button in the morning. You have to admit it feels so good to hit it, but is it good for us?

Well, there’s a group called AsapSCIENCE that has been posting answers to simple questions and this one is one that will help us all.

Let’s check out “Should You Use the Snooze Button?” for today’s Viral Video of the Day.

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