Daft Punk/Skrillex Remix: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

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Carson Carson Daly
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Everybody knows who Daft Punk and Skrillex are, or maybe you don’t?

Daft Punk is a French duo who specialize in electronic music. They were pretty huge in the house scene during the late ’90s.

They were also, believe it or not, influenced by the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. The duo is back with a new album out next month called Random Access Memories.

Skrillex, however, is fairly new to electronic music, but has taken the scene by storm within the last few years, winning a total of six GRAMMYs in the process.

If you’ve ever thought about what the two of them would sound like together or if they’d ever play together, you’re not alone.

A guy up in San Francisco named Jack Conte mashed them up using a Launchpad and a flat screen TV.

Check it out for today’s Viral Video of the Day…this one is best enjoyed with some volume.

Keep on rocking with Surfer Stephen and his favorite viral videos below:

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