AMP Music Minute-Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Second Time, Ke$ha’s Crazy Inspiration, Rihanna 777 Documentary

Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Second Time

He’s okay folks!

Lil’ Wayne had another seizure late last night

and was rushed to Cedars Sinai by his bodyguards.

As of Wednesday morning he is back at home

and wants fans to know he’s good.

Ke$ha’s Crazy Inspiration

What part of Ke$ha’s body brings  inspiration?!?

She says by leaning over the piano letting

her boobs “tickle” the ivory keys gives her song ideas.

She says although you may laugh, it is a serious practice for her.

Rihanna 777 Documentary

So what went down or up on Rihanna’s 777  Tour?

Find out next Monday night on Fox!

The documentary will expose all the facts we’ve

been dying to know during the week long tour last November

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