Couple Sings Karaoke On Jay Leno’s Pumpcast News: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

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Carson Carson Daly
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Last Friday, I saw this video of a bit Jay Leno did on his show called Pumpcast News.

It’s a pretty funny clip where a guy comes on the gas station TV and tries to get a couple to sing karaoke. I didn’t post it because I thought it was staged with real actors.

Sarah, who works with the morning show here at AMP, was one of the more than 7 million people who watched it this weekend and thinks it’s real. She likes to hang out and watch YouTube videos on the weekend, so if you’re a single guy and are into watching YouTube videos on a Saturday night, hit her up because she’s down!

I still think it’s fake, but you be the judge and check out Jay Leno’s Pumpcast News for today’s Viral Video of The Day.

Can’t get enough of Surfer Stephen and his viral videos? Watch some more of his favorites below:

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