‘Sharknado’ Social Media Craze Spawns Possible Sequel

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Photo by Alexander Klein/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Alexander Klein/AFP/Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Last Thursday, our Twitter feeds were inundated with posts about the campy Syfy made-for-TV movie, Sharknado.

But here’s what we’re wondering…who actually watched it?

Carson posed this very question earlier today, considering it only racked up about 1.4 million viewers.

Nevertheless, the film generated 5,000 tweets per minute, easily beating out other major network shows.

Now there’s word that a Sharknado sequel is in the works and you best believe Carson had plenty to say about that:

“The Kardashians have mastered this, but we’re entering an age where you can build now on a brand of bad and make an s-load of money!” Carson exclaimed.

“It was terrible, he added. “But if you’re Syfy, you’re going to greenlight Sharknado 2, you’re going to beg Amanda Bynes to get out of that hotel room in New York and come and be in Sharknado 2. I mean, imagine that.”

In case you missed it (like most of the country), Syfy will re-air Sharknado this Thursday night at 7pm ET.

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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