Justin Bieber Incorrectly Defines “Refrain” To His Fans

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Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images

Photo by Brian Killian/Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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Justin Bieber’s been hustling in the music biz since age 14, so we’re guessing he doesn’t spend too much time with vocabulary lessons.

That being said, he tried to teach his fans a thing or two while performing in New Jersey the other night.

The Beliebers got a little out of hand, chucking all sorts of items on stage to get his attention. Bandanas, iPhones, you name it!

Well, this didn’t sit well with the Biebs. He kindly asked the mob to “refrain” from throwing things at him.

“Do you guys want me to keep performing or what?” Bieber asked the crowd. “Refrain means DON’T throw things on stage.”

Actually, refrain means “to keep oneself from doing, feeling, or indulging in something and especially from following a passing impulse,” according to to good people at Merriam-Webster, but we catch your drift, Justin.

So how did Bieber reprimand the crazy who threw her iPhone at him? He rubbed it on his crotch, obvi.

What a charmer.

Check out the strange moment below:

Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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