Lorde Refuses To Name Her Fans: Perez Hilton’s Daily Update

There are Directioners, Beliebers, Katy Cats and a ton of other names for fans of certain artists. How and when that happened, we don’t really remember.

Pop stars have been existing for years but up until recently, there were no fan names the way there are today.

Lorde refuses to give her fans a name like many other artists and we think that is very cool of her.  Not that other pop stars with fan names aren’t cool, but it’s pretty awesome to see a musician be different.

It doesn’t change the fact that people love her music and she will always have fans.

Perez and Carson also talked about Justin Bieber’s house getting raided, Ciara pregnant, Disney turning Frozen into a musical on broadway and Charlize Theron convinces boyfriend Sean Penn to give up his gun collection.

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Perez Hilton's Daily Update

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