Booker’s Bachelor Breakdown: Oppa Juan-gnam Style!

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Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

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If you’re in need of some dating advice, look no further.

Every Tuesday morning, our afternoon DJ Booker selflessly offers up life lessons in love thanks to his weekly recaps of The Bachelor.

Today’s lesson plan originated from a group date after Juan Pablo surprised the girls with a getaway to South Korea. And in case you were wondering, Booker isn’t running out of Juan puns anytime soon.

“Oppa Juan-gnam style! Oh, buddy!,” Booker joked with Carson. “Nothing? Nothing? That was gold right there!”

On the first of two group dates, the ladies danced in front of a crowd with a popular K-pop music group. Former dancer Kat had the edge in this competition, which didn’t gain her any friends amongst the rest of the of 13 bachelorettes.

“Girls, if you’re really great at something, anything, and you’re around other girls that aren’t so good at whatever that something is, don’t show off!” he warned.

“Girls hate this! They sit there, they’re bitchy, they judge each other. It’s a girl thing I don’t understand it. I don’t know why you women don’t support one another, but I should get it. You watch The Kardashians, you watch all these bad ‘Housewives’ shows, whatever, but don’t do that!”

“It makes for great TV though,” Booker added. “So thank god they do it!”

Despite having less-than-stellar dance moves, Nikki the Nurse, who Booker predicted would be the “dark horse” of the competition, won the group date rose.

Another one of Booker’s favorites, district attorney Andi, won the other group date rose, during what he described as a yawn-inducing karaoke session.

“He also took them out to get fish pedicures,” said Booker. “Women put their feet in these tanks, Carson, and there’s all these little, they look like tiny, little, mini piranhas and they attack their feet and they eat the crap off of their feet…What a sexy date, right?”

Carson’s pick to win the whole competition, opera singer Sharleen, scored the coveted Juan-on-one date, but the evening took a strange turn when Juan Pablo asked her about her feelings on children.

It’s clear Sharleen isn’t the maternal type. She actually admitted to the father of one that she’s never even thought about kids because she’s so career-oriented. She also revealed that she once dated a man with children and learned she wasn’t ready for a family.

“You ask someone what they think about kids, what do you think? Did she get a rose after her response to that question?” Booker asked Carson.

“He’s been saying that a relationship with his kid with one of these girls is important to him and then she comes along and basically says, ‘I just don’t even have time for children.’ I think she just talked herself off the show,” Carson reasoned.

But guess what, ladies? It turns out the conversation wasn’t a deal breaker for Juan.

“Of course she got a rose!” Booker laughed. “She’s the hottest chick on the show. The Bachelor is a vapid man whore!”

Tell us how you really feel, Booker!

So if you’re keeping score, all three of Carson and Booker’s picks continue to dominate, but let’s get down to business…who DIDN’T get a rose? Elise and Lauren came up short this week, which means it’s down to 11 women who will continue their whirlwind romance next Monday in Vietnam.

Watch and tweet along with Booker Monday night at 8pm PT and then listen to his full recap on Tuesday during Mornings with Carson Daly!

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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