Los Angeles Gets The Waffle Donut at DK’s Donuts

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(Photo credit: Co-Owner at DK's Donuts & Bakery)

(Photo credit: Co-Owner at DK’s Donuts & Bakery)

If it isn’t clear yet, we love us some junk food. We work in radio, what can we say?

We were onto the cronut almost immediately upon hearing of it’s existence on the planet earth, and now we’re salivating at the idea of the WOWNut, which is a new treat coming out of Chicago that combines together a waffle and a donut.

Excuse us while we wipe the drool off of our keyboards.

No but really though, this exists. The first one was made by a chef named Alex Hernandez from the Waffle Cafe in Chicago, but don’t you worry, you can get your hands on this delightful dessert right here in LA at a place called DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica.

So if you suddenly hear radio silence on our station, it’s because we’ve all ditched work and gone towards the beach!

Source: LAist.

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