Producer Angie Almost Forgets Her Own Wedding Anniversary

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Usually it’s the man who can’t remember birthdays and holidays, but believe it or not, Producer Angie almost forgot that her own wedding anniversary is just days away!

Angie married her husband Chad 12 years ago during the 4th of July weekend, which you think would be easy to remember, but she didn’t even realize it was coming up until a friend on Facebook wrote about their own anniversary.

“Twelve years is like the new 30-year marriage!” Carson told Angie.

“And I always forget if it’s [July] 6th or 7th, so I had to look on my phone,” she admitted. “We’re so consciously coupled, we don’t even need to know the date!”

Angie’s husband just so happened to be listening live and hit her up via text message.

“He said,” Producer Angie read aloud. “Tell Carson thanks for the reminder about the anniversary!”

Producer Angie Almost Forgets Her Own Wedding Anniversary

0516 angie1 Producer Angie Almost Forgets Her Own Wedding Anniversary
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-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles

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