Booker Interviews Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a megastar. The stunning entertainer divvies up her time between acting endeavors, her successful music career, a foray into television as a judge on American Idol, fashion, fragrances, and motherhood. And yet, while working a self-proclaimed “forty hours a day,” Lopez magically manages to look (and project) an amazingly youthful image and simultaneously spending time with friends. She’s still “Jenny from the Block.”

Lopez came to AMP Radio’s block and her old pal Booker had the chance to catch up with her. The pair have known each other since the release of Lopez’s debut 1999 album On The 6 which features well-known hit singles like “Waiting For Tonight” and “If You Had My Love.” Fourteen years (and a plethora of great decisions) later, Jennifer Lopez told Booker that career-wise the love hasn’t died.

“When you love something you never get tired of it,” said Lopez emphatically. “You just want to keep growing and evolving and doing it and staying here.”

Despite working on two movies this year including one about Chilean miners, Lopez has been most excited to get back into the studio and work with another old music friend, RedOne, on a new album for his label 2101 Records. Lopez said that they have a “great chemistry” and that the label is beyond excited. When they heard the unfinished product, they even encouraged Lopez to put the currently-untitled upcoming eighth studio album this summer instead of in the fall.

“I’m excited about it the way he’s excited about it,” Lopez said about RedOne’s assertion that she has six hit singles on the album. “He verbalizes it in a different way, but I’m more cautious.”

The humble Lopez has no reason for reticence. Her recently-released first song from the album, “Live It Up” featuring a collaboration with Pitbull, has already been deemed by critics as the smash-hit of the summer and appeared in a nationwide Kohl’s commercial which features Lopez bouncing on the beach in a bikini and kaftan.


Fresh from her first world tour though, Lopez probably hasn’t had much time to devote to lazy beach days. The mother of two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony told Booker that the only time she’d toured before was while pregnant with her twins on a dual billing with Anthony. However, this world tour just confirmed her endurance and taught her that her voice is “a lot stronger” than she gave herself credit for.

Although Lopez says her two innate gifts both “metaphorically and physically” are running and dancing, the singer was able to take the performance cues and lessons she learned from judging for two years on American Idol on the road with her. Lopez saw some of the flaws in the American Idol contestants in herself and it helped her fix her own actions including letting “nerves and certain things get the best of you.”

“You go up there to live, to really entertain somebody and make their day better,” explained Lopez. “To make them have a good time. That’s what I loved about being on tour. I was like, ‘You know what I get to go out there and do?,’ Make people jump up and down. Make them sing. Make them dance. Make them laugh. Make them cry. And it was awesome. Idol really helped me with that. “

Despite rumors, Lopez did not confirm she would be heading back to American Idol anytime soon. She repeatedly said “I don’t know” and asked the question “Do I really want to go back and just sit there?”

“Now, with all the talk, it’s the same kind of consideration,” elaborated Lopez. “Do I want to sit there again or do I want to keep going with what I’m doing? And the truth is, I’m not a TV personality. I’m a singer. I’m a dancer. I’m an actress. I’m an entertainer. I need to entertain. When I’m watching them up there, I’m thinking about what I’m going to be doing next, do you know what I mean?”

Lopez stressed that despite her need to entertain, that it was hard for her to walk away from American Idol because she “loved the people.” But, for a girl who started off dancing and treats everything she does now like learning a complicated new dance step, Lopez might just love being onstage more. Her tour really drove that home in her psyche.

“I realized how much I love performing,” mused Lopez. “It’s funny, I think when a wardrobe assistant or a make-up artist has to come up onstage, they do this freeze thing and I realized how natural it is for me to be up there and how not natural it is [for them].”

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. Jennifer Lopez isn’t just a star because she makes money at it or because she’s good at it, but because it’s natural.

“I’m like, ‘Wow. This is what I do. I’m a performer. I’m an entertainer. This is what I do.’”

–Nadia Noir, AMP Radio