Perez Hilton’s Daily Update

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Shakira Will Not Attend The AMAs And Latin Grammys

Shakira was scheduled to attend the American Music Awards and Latin Grammy’s to support her single “La Bicicleta” with Carlos Vives, but ‘personal matters’ have gotten in the way.

97.1 AMP Radio–11/09/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kid Cudi Performs For First Time Since Entering Rehab

Kid Cudi promised he’d leave rehab in time for ComplexCon and his performance did not disappoint.

97.1 AMP Radio–11/08/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lady Gaga Will Play Donatella Versace On American Crime Story

Lady Gaga’s teaming up with Ryan Murphy once again to portray Donatella Versace in the third season of the Emmy-winning series “American Crime Story.”

97.1 AMP Radio–11/07/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” Performance Is Missing From The CMA Website

Beyonce’s collaboration with the Dixie Chicks was a highlight of the Country Music Awards, but unfortunately, you’re out of luck if you wanted to watch it online.

97.1 AMP Radio–11/04/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Glamour Catches The Heat For Naming Bono “Man Of The Year”

This year, Bono will be the first man to be honored at Glamour Magazine’s Women Of The Year ceremony and even he has expressed doubt about the decision.

97.1 AMP Radio–11/03/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Taylor Swift And Drake Are Making Music Together

Both artists are known to write about their ex’s and industry competitors…could a Draylor diss track be on the way?

97.1 AMP Radio–11/02/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Justin Bieber Settles Legal Drama With Miami Paparazzi

Two years after a paparazzo sued Justin Bieber for a violent altercation involving Bieber’s bodyguard, the drama has been resolved.

97.1 AMP Radio–11/01/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kid Cudi Responds To Drake’s Diss Track From Rehab

Kid Cudi’s not interested in Drake’s criticism of his stay in rehab.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/31/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: JLo Will Star In NBC’s ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ Live Musical

Jennifer Lopez is set to play the female lead of Rosie, the role originated on Broadway by Chita Rivera.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/28/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Britney Spears Is Collaborating With Tinashe For Her Next Single

Britney Spears is keeping the “Glory” momentum going with fire collaborations.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/27/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Two Female Contestants Fell In Love On The Bachelor Australia

Two women who were competing for the heart of a man ended up falling in love with each other! Cue the “awww!”

97.1 AMP Radio–10/26/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Chris Hemsworth Claps Back At Rumors Of Marriage Trouble

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have been married for six years and unbeknownst to them, their marriage has been going through a rough patch.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/25/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kanye Slams Jay Z For Not Reaching Out After Kim’s Robbery

Kanye West is feeling some type of way about his friendship with Jay Z.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/21/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: A New Willy Wonka Movie Is On The Way

Warner Brothers are planning to make a prequel to the classic movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/20/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Tyga Unable To Answer Questions About His Presents For Kylie

When a lawyer questioned Tyga about his spending habits during a deposition hearing, the rapper suddenly got sick and confused.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/19/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Zayn Ended His Engagement To Perrie Edwards With A Text

Little Mix’s Perrie Edward reveals exactly what happened in the group’s upcoming book “Our World”.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/18/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Trump Might Get His Own TV Network After Election

If you were hoping Donald Trump would go away in the event that he loses the Presidential Election, you’re out of luck.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/17/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lindsay Lohan is Opening A Nightclub

Lindsay Lohan is turning her party-girl past into a business deal!

97.1 AMP Radio–10/14/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Zayn Malik Is Now A Versace Designer

Donatella Versace announced Zayn will design a collection geared toward the label’s younger fans.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/13/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Creepy Clown Sightings Force Ronald McDonald To Retire

It’s been rough for clowns lately and McDonald’s most famous mascot is really feeling the pressure.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/12/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Demi Lovato Is Training To Be An MMA Fighter

Just because Demi’s taking a break from the spotlight doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up a good fight.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/11/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: JLo Is Working On A Spanish-Language Album With Marc Anthony

The follow-up to “Como Ama Una Mujer” is expected to drop sometime next year.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/07/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kim Kardashian Vows To Scale Back Displaying Her Wealth On Social Media

A source close to Kim said she now believes material things mean nothing and it’s not all about money.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/06/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Taylor Swift Scores Major Pre-Super Bowl Performance

It’s all part of a major, exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/05/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: French Authorities Think Kim Kardashian Robbery May Have Been Inside Job

Because the robbers knew exactly where Kim would be and when she was without security, the hotel staff and Kardashian security team are under investigation.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/04/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Posh Spice Doesn’t Want The Spice Girls To Sing Spice Girls Songs At Reunion

Three of the five Spice Girls are gearing up to perform a Spice Girls 20th Reunion Tour as the group GEM.

97.1 AMP Radio–10/03/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Britney Spears Shades Ariana Grande’s Britney Impersonation

Many people were blown away by Ariana’s impersonation of Britney Spears but it ends up Britney had a different opinion.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/30/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Humans Could Colonize Mars By 2024

After the initial trip, rockets will launch every 26 months when Earth and Mars are aligned.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/29/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: It Looks Like Nick Jonas Has A New Bae

He was spotted poolside in Hawaii with a Venezuelan model!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/28/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Rob Kardashian Tweeted Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number

Rob knows how to throw it down when his family gets on his nerves.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/27/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Argued About Her Humanitarian Work

Brad Pitt always supported his wife’s work, but bringing their kids to war-torn countries was a different story.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/26/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Gigi Hadid’s Attacker Says He Grabbed Her In Protest

This isn’t the first time the attacker’s gotten way too close to celebs, either.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/23/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Gigi Hadid Fights Off Attacker In Milan

Gigi Hadid don’t play.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/22/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Were Fighting Constantly

Angelina Jolie reportedly says she feels a weight has lifted since filing for divorce.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/21/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Jimmy Fallon Catches The Heat For Going Easy On Trump

Donald Trump is making the Late Night TV rounds with his latest stop on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/20/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: John Mayer’s Looking For A Match On Dating App Raya

If you want a chance to date him, you’ll have to be approved by Raya’s committee first!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/19/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Simon Cowell Talks Fifth Harmony’s Fate

Cancelled tour dates and rumors of drama among the girls have left some wondering if the group will last to make a third album.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/16/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Selena Gomez Changed Her Number To Avoid Justin Bieber

In case it wasn’t clear, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are 100% OVER.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/15/2016


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Drake Bought The Neighbors’ House After They Complain About The Noise

Remember that time Drake rapped “I’ll buy the neighbor’s house if they complain about the noise”?

97.1 AMP Radio–09/14/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lady Gaga Said Fame Traumatized Her

Mother Monster detailed her struggles with anxiety and depression that lead to an intervention in 2013.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/13/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are Expecting A Baby Girl

The couple made the announcement on the premiere episode of ‘Rob & Chyna” on E!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/12/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Taylor Swift Donated $5,000 To A Fan Whose Sister Passed Away

T-Swift always shows her fans a ton of love!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/09/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Tom Hiddleston Called Off His Relationship With Taylor Swift

At first, it was assumed Taylor Swift broke up with Tom Hiddleston over how public they should be with their relationship. Now, it looks like Tom broke up with Tay…and for a completely different reason.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/08/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Britney Spears Ends Multi-Year Legal Battle With Ex-Manager

For the last seven years, Britney Spears’s ex-manager Sam Lufti has been trying to sue her for unpaid dues and claims that he is to blame for her infamous meltdown.

97.1 AMP Radio–09/07/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Calvin Harris Moves On From Tinashe To Eiza Gonzalez

Calvin and Tinashe were dating on the DL, but he was seen leaving a party with Mexican singer and actress Eiza Gonzalez this weekend!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/06/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Bill Nye The Science Guy Is Coming Back

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

97.1 AMP Radio–09/01/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: New Details Emerge After Chris Brown Arrested For Alleged Assault

New details have emerged about the woman who accused Breezy of pulling a gun on her.

97.1 AMP Radio–08/31/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Juan Gabriel Passes Away After Performing At The Forum

The legendary Mexican singer and songwriter had just started his MeXXico Es Todo tour

97.1 AMP Radio–08/29/2016



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