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89th Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet
Ed Sheeran Exclusive AMP Radio Performance
2017 GRAMMYs Red Carpet Arrivals
John Legend at the AMP Radio GRAMMY Party
Alicia Keys LIVE at AMP Radio
Rock the Red Kettle 2016 with Alessia Cara

One Comment

  1. emily dollete says:

    omg thats me on stage…emily dollete!!! that was the best day of my life!!! and if its not to much to ask for can u guys give me a call!!!! that wopuld be great….i need to ask you something…thanx!!!!!

    1. janelle says:

      omg that was you Ur so lucky i want to be you up there. hey was he cuter in person? 8) hahaha

      1. emily dollete says:

        hell ya he was<3<3<3
        thank you1
        the WHOLE time wen he was singing to me we never ever left eachothers eyes<3<3<3 and that was the top magical momments of my life:)<3<3<3<3

    2. jazzlyn says:

      hi it is jazzlyn you leave justin alone he is my boyfriend emily dollete and i live in hollewood

      1. emily dollete says:

        ohh okay sure ur just jellosu i meet him soo ohhh

  2. maddy Lujan says:

    omg thats me in their…the one holding the sign!!!! to the right of justin!!! <333 i had an amazing time!!! and my friend emily said to give her call if you guys can…that would be amazing…she needs to ask you something!!! thnax so much!!! i love you justin!!!

  3. alexxis says:

    omqqe !! i was their it was SOOOO crazyyy<3 & amazinq i was waitinq for 15hours!!&i was cryinq the whole time i saw himmm:( i wish i cud meet him

  4. Erica says:

    oommggeee:0 im right next to sophia in the yellow!! ahaha man i wish i cldve met justin 😦 i was cryin the wholeee time i felt like fainting . i was in shock !! ahaha i <<<<3333 u justin

  5. mitzi says:

    i wish dat was me

    1. justin bieber says:

      you lie

  6. frida says:

    those pics r so cool i wanted 2 go 2 see him but i didnt

  7. Paola says:

    I think I was tha 1 who was supposed 2 b jbs valentine u r a lucky girl I hope u enjoyed it

    1. emily dollete says:

      yes i did thankyou!

  8. priscilla says:

    that could have been me right there but it was that girl blah LOVE U JUSTIN

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks i wish i could take more ppl up there with me

    2. justin bieber says:

      ilove you to priscilla

  9. sienna cobos says:

    omg thats my friend emily …. lucky !!! hehehe am so jealous <3333

    1. emily dollete says:

      hey sienna
      what up girl!!!!
      i no everyone was soo jeluos of me and i was soo happy but i dont care what ppl said bout me and that i went i dont care who they r or what they said!!

      1. michelle says:

        stop bgging asshole!!

      2. emily dollete says:

        michelle u shut the f*** up and ur the asshole bitch!

      3. justin bieber says:

        hi emily it me justin bieber wat is your number

  10. Laura says:

    JuStIn hAs A BoMB aSs VoIcE!! (ETC.) HES CUTE!!!!!

    1. justin bieber says:

      i know right

  11. Laura says:


  12. desiree says:

    aww so cute!! wish i was here! hes so cute! lucky

  13. desiree says:

    hate her right now. hes to pretyy for her :((

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks your just jelous he was feeling on me and not you soo shut up and we r both cute for eachother and we never left eachothers eyes wen he was singing to me soo u better shut up mouth b4 i beat ur ass and then ur mouth will b shut!!!!

      1. michelle says:

        emily is tat the BS yew can give us!? so STFU emily! if ur smart enough yew wuld know wat BS n STFU wuld mean!

  14. amber says:

    those are my best friends christina and devan. they won the tickets

  15. diana says:


  16. julie says:

    i love justin bieber he is fine

  17. me says:

    to emily dollete thats was proboly the best time of your life but to him i bet it wasnt dumass

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks ur soo nice……syke!!

  18. Renae says:

    I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER……………………… HE DESERVES TO DIE…………………………..I RATHER DIE THEN MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer says:

      how sad y do u hate justin????

  19. Autumn says:

    justin bieber thats not my real email but if you get this i love you i have cryed about you once jordan:(

  20. brenda gomez says:

    why does everyone like justin bieber i mean the girl that won was not even cute.

    1. emily dollete says:

      thank you asshole i think im really pretty ask all the hot highskollers ive been out with bitch!!!!

  21. Nicole says:

    Amp radio you guys are soo nice.No wonder lots of people listen to your radio station.

    Love Nikii (Nicole)

  22. michelle says:

    look wat ever ur freaken ugly ass face is emily! stop bragging ur ass bout justin singing 2 yew! i mean have yew seen ur face! ur UGLY!

    1. emily dollete says:

      shut up u bitch

    2. emily dollete says:

      you need to just STFU u dont have any right to say that shit ur just a low life and yur a jack ass!!!
      and thats from the heart<3

  23. jamie says:

    omg i am totally going to win

  24. breanna says:

    hey omg i saw you emily backstage! im one of justins friends!!! he loved your smile!!! isnt he a sweety??

    1. emily dollete says:

      ofcousre:) awww thats sooo cute and i would:)…….DID HE REALLY THINK THAT!?!?!?!?!?:)))))) I WOULD LOVE FOR U TO CALL ME OR TXT ME @ 1 562 277 2695 AND I WOULD LOVE THAT:) AND THANK YOU AND I JUST WANT THE TRUTH FROM HIM SAYING THAT:))))))))

      1. justin bieber says:

        i will call you

  25. gaby says:

    omg there r katie.monica.kiana hey it meh gaby

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