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Coachella Tiny Print Bands: Honey Dijon & Tacocat

They may be listed in teeny-tiny print, but there’s some amazing lesser-known talent on this year’s Coachella line-up.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Chrissy Teigen Pays A Girl’s Beauty School Tuition

Chrissy Teigen makes dreams come true!

97.1 AMP Radio–04/11/2017

Made In LA: The Loop Handcrafted Churros

You gotta check out this Insta-friendly treat!


Most Popular Slang Word The Year You Were Born

Are you an “F-bomb” or an “As if!”?


Teen Needs 18 Million Retweets To Win Year’s Supply Of Chicken Nuggets

Find out how you can join the #NuggsForCarter campaign.


CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Passenger Dragged Off Overbooked United Flight

Watch the shocking video that’s gone viral.


Kendrick Lamar’s New Album ‘Damn’ will Feature U2 and Rihanna

In the art work, the record title is showcased in red capital lettering with a close-up shot of Lamar donning a white t-shirt.


Halsey Changes Gears With New Dance-Influenced Album

The electropop artist sat down with Carson Daly to share how her forthcoming album differs from her earlier work.


Top 10 Best Comfort Foods

Do you agree with the rankings?


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kylie Jenner Went To Prom With A Guy Who Got Rejected

Getting turned down by your first choice prom date sucks. Kylie Jenner stepping in is awesome.

97.1 AMP Radio–04/10/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Aaron Rodgers And Olivia Munn Call It Quits

Aaron Rodger and Olivia Munn were sparking wedding rumors at the beginning of the year, but now their three years romance has come to an end.

97.1 AMP Radio–04/07/2017

Selfie-Taking Woman Survives Plunge Off NorCal Bridge

Sheriff’s officials said they hope the woman learned a lesson, and they won’t be charging her.


WATCH: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz’ Toddler Is Already Beatboxing

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this adorable video!


Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Tribute To Don Rickles

“I know it sounds crazy to say he was too young, but he was,” Kimmel said.


Harry Styles Explains Why He Recorded His Solo Album In Jamaica

Plus, Styles opens up to Carson Daly about his film acting debut in ‘Dunkirk’.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lindsay Lohan Wears A Burkini

The internet is not OK with it!

97.1 AMP Radio–04/06/2017

WATCH: Student Sings ‘Hallelujah’ At Italian Wishing Well

She posted the 48-second video on Twitter on March 27 in in a matter of days, hundreds of thousands of people shared and ‘loved’ it.


Made In LA: Carson Daly Mornings Hikes The Culver City Stairs

This Insta-friendly workout provides sweeping views of downtown, Hollywood, and even the ocean on a clear day.


WATCH: Knoxville Zoo Parrot Does Better Impressions Than You

Step aside, April the giraffe! There’s a new zoo animal going viral and he goes by the name of Einstein the parrot.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Is Redefining Reruns

The move makes it seem like he will never take a vacation again.

97.1 AMP Radio–04/05/2017

Carson Daly Mornings Debate The Best Snack Foods Of All Time

Find out if your favorite made the list!


Kendall Jenner’s Protest Pepsi Commercial Prompts Online Backlash

Many are calling the ad tone-deaf and an appropriation of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Jimmy Fallon Trolls Universal Studios Guests With His New Theme Park Ride

Fallon’s “Race Through New York” opens Thursday, April 6 in Orlando.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Mel B Says She Was Abused By Her Ex-Husband

The former Spice Girl put a restraining order against her ex, claiming he was abusive and demanding.

97.1 AMP Radio–04/04/2017

Ridiculous News: Chimpanzee Flings Poop At Grandma

Usually, animals at the zoo just lay around in their exhibit all day…

97.1 AMP Radio–04/04/2017

Teen Literally Skydives To Ask A Girl To Prom

How far are you willing to go to secure a prom date?

97.1 AMP Radio–04/04/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: John Cena Proposes To Nikki Bella At WrestleMania 33

WWE isn’t known for romance, but that’s definitely what stole the show at WrestleMania 33.

97.1 AMP Radio–04/03/2017

UNC Coach Roy Williams Swear Word Alternatives

Here are some hilarious alternatives in case you don’t want to drop an F-bomb!


Lexi Thompson Loses LPGA Major After TV Viewer Calls In Penalty

Tiger Woods and other golfers tweeted in support of Thompson.


Houston Man Loses Bet, Gets Duct-Taped To Yield Sign

Check out the insane photo!


Stumptown’s Cold Brew Ice Cream Floats and Poke Bowls Come To Dodger Stadium

Celebrate opening day with these delicious new options!


WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Reads #SpringBroke Hashtag Tweets

You gotta hear these hilarious spring break confessions!


2 Yale University Seniors Claim They Have Developed Hangover Cure

Their remedy, called “SunUp,” is expected on store shelves next month.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: America Will Form The Next Big Boy Band On A New Competition Show

Get ready fans of ‘Making The Band’ because there’s a new reality competition show coming to your TV screens.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/31/2017

Easy April Fools’ Day Jokes For All You Procrastinators

There’s plenty of simple ways you can punk your friends and family!


Is April The Pregnant Giraffe One Big April Fools’ Day Joke?

Do you believe this conspiracy theory?


School Says No To High School Senior Who Asked Grandmother To Prom

Find out the ridiculous reason why the school shut him down!


World’s Strongest Coffee Now Sold In The United States

The Black Insomnia creators claim the caffeine level “borders on narcotic.”


Will Beyoncé Voice Nala for ‘Lion King’ Remake?

Apparently, the singer has not committed to the film yet because she is currently pregnant with twins.


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Oscars Academy Tighten Rules To Avoid EnvelopeGate Repeat

PricewaterhouseCoopers hasn’t totally damaged their relationship with the Academy of Motion Pictures.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/30/2017

Carson Daly Grills Sarah’s Boyfriend Cornfed

Find out if he passed the morning show’s inspection!


Millennials Are Staying Home Instead Of Going Out…Mostly Because #NoPants

Who needs the club when you can binge watch The Office?


Uber’s Weirdest Lost And Found Items

Yes, someone really lost a valuable Nordic walking pole in a freakin’ Uber!


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Blac Chyna Put Tyga On Blast

She used Snapchat to put Tyga on blast for not coming through on child support payments for their son, King.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/29/2017

Rainbow Churros Will Blow Your Mind

Feast your eyes on the masterpiece that is the Rainbow Churro.


How Dirty Are You? Carson Daly Mornings Comes Clean!

You’re not going to believe what we learned about our very own coworkers!


Would You Want To Talk To Your Dead Relatives?

Listen to Carson Daly & the morning show share their craziest clairvoyant experiences!


April Fools’ Day By The Numbers

A whopping 31% of Americans are planning to prank at least one person this year!


Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kanye West Doesn’t Want To Be Involved With ‘American Idol’

‘American Idol’ is making a comeback, but it’ll have to be without Yeezy.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/28/2017

Would You Want To Be Awake During Your Own Surgery?

According to the New York Times, more people are opting to forgo general anesthesia in exchange for local anesthesia so they can watch!


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