AMP Music Minute- Beyonce Unsure About Future, J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar Album, Justin Timberlake Reuniting With Producer

Beyonce Unsure About Future Madonna and Cher are way older but still bring it on stage… Beyonce is known  as Sasha Fierce on stage but unlike her successors; she’s unsure if she’ll keep it up […]


AMP Music Minute- Rihanna Loves Touring Life, Lil Wayne Calls Upon Famous Friends, Nicki Minaj Talks Kmart Line

Rihanna Loves Touring Life She may lead a wild, chaotic life…. But Rihanna says even though she loves touring, she wants to make sure she has things set up so she doesn’t have to tour […]


AMP Music Minute- Kanye West Returning To Music, P!nk Trying To Be A Good Example, Nicki Minaj Bitten By Acting Bug

 Kanye West Returning To Music He’s a busy soon to be daddy!! Kanye West wants it to be known that he’s working on new music! He expects to have it out in a couple of […]


AMP Music Minute- Kanye West Not A ‘Suit & Tie’ Fan, Adele On Cloud 9, Justin Timberlake Week On Jimmy Fallon

Kanye West Not A ‘Suit & Tie’ Fan The ranting continues… Kanye West says he’s got love for Jay-Z but is NOT a fan of the single Suit & Tie’ by Justin Timberlake and Jay! […]


AMP Music Minute- Rihanna’s Relationship With The Media, Taylor Swift Cool With Exes, Miguel Talks ‘Adorn’

Rihanna’s Relationship With The Media The media can be a headache to stars like Rihanna. She says all the attention on her life is “a pain” but “at the same time they help” get her […]


AMP Music Minute-Beyonce Rules HBO, Calvin Harris Set To Pump Up Vegas, Justin Timberlake Suits Up On SNL

Beyonce Rules HBO Life is good for Beyonce….and HBO Queen Bey’s documentary, ‘Life Is But A Dream’ made history! Over 1.8 million people tuned in making it the most watched program on HBO since 2004! […]


AMP Music Minute-Bruno Mars Bringing ‘Moonshine’ This Summer, Justin Bieber Is A Big Fan Of Drake, Rihanna Teaming Up With MAC Cosmetics

Bruno Mars Bringing ‘Moonshine’ This Summer What are your plans this summer? Start saving up ’cause Bruno Mars is coming to LA July 27th! Catch the ‘Moonshine Jungle’ tour with him and Ellie Goulding at […]


AMP Music Minute-Drake Works Hard, Skrillex Introduces POTATO, Fergie’s Lovely Bump

Drake Works Hard From Degrassi to Young Money… Drake wants people to know he’s worked hard for his success. He says, “it wasn’t just a fluke and it wasn’t easy by any means.” Skrillex Introduces […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Want Hype, Demi Lovato Wants Lady Gaga, Ke$ha Loves Touring

 Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Want Hype Well he’s already hyped up in his ‘Suit & Tie’… But JT says he avoided answering questions when it came about making new music. He says he just wanted to […]


AMP Music Minute-Ne-Yo’s Awkward Moment, Demi Lovato Regrets X-Factor, Justin Timberlake’s New Project

Ne-Yo’s Awkward Moment So what place does Ne-Yo get uncomfortable in when his music comes in? The singer admits that when he’s eating in restaurants and suddenly hears one of his songs…it can be embarrassing. […]


AMP Music Minute- Beyonce Bringing New Fierce Frangrance, Adam Levine Excited For New Judges, P!nk’s Goals In Life

Beyonce Bringing New Fierce Frangrance Sasha Fierce is bring fierceness in a bottle! Beyonce wants you smelling fierce with her new, “Pulse NYC”. Coming to stores in April!!! Adam Levine Excited For New Judges Who’s […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake Explains Album Name, Taylor Swift Hopes For Happy Ending, NBA All Star Game Lineup

Justin Timberlake Explains Album Name So ‘The 20/20 Experience’ comes out next month, but what does it mean?!? JT decided to call it that after his best friend said, “It’s music you can see…” Just […]


AMP Music Minute-Katy Perry Doing Fashion, Adam Levine Talks Fragrance, Ne-Yo’s Super Busy

Katy Perry Doing Fashion Get ready for some confectionery fashion! Katy Perry is reportedly working on a fashion line! Her inspirations come from the likes of her idols, Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani! Adam […]


AMP Music Minute- Miguel Says Bye Bye Nosebleed Section, Justin Bieber Making Out On SNL, Grammys Pre-Telecast Party

Miguel Says Bye Bye Nosebleed Section Talk about dream come true! Times have changed for Miguel who just two years ago went to the Grammy Awards and sat in the “nosebleed section”! This year he’s […]


AMP Music Minute- Bruno Mars’ New Retro Video, The Lumineers Surprised By Fame, Alicia Keys Bringing NBA All Star Game Fire

Bruno Mars’ New Retro Video Loving the new ‘When I Was Your Man’ single? Bruno Mars co-directed the retro inspired heart break song! Check it out right here! The Lumineers Surprised By Fame Don’t you […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake’s Whirlwind Comeback, Demi Lovato’s Secret To Happiness, T.I.’s Bounty Role

Justin Timberlake’s Whirlwind Comeback What else can JT do right now?!? Justin Timberlake says with his decision to perform at the Grammys and announcing his Palladium show, the comeback has been a bit of a […]


AMP Music Minute-Beyonce’s World Tour, Taylor Swift Paying Tribute To Whitney Houston, Drake’s New Single

Beyonce’s World Tour Who loved Beyonce’s Halftime show during Super Bowl?!? Well there’s more on the way, she announced her new world tour. The “Mrs. Carter World Tour” will stop in LA on June 28th! […]


AMP Music Minute- Adam Levine Making Fragrance, David Guetta Says No To Deadlines

Adam Levine Making Fragrance Nothing like a man who smells and looks sexy… Adam Levine is about win over your noses with his new self-titled scents! It will be for both the ladies and the […]


AMP Music Minute-Beyonce Born For Super Bowl, Usher’s Commercial Crush, Nicki Minaj Not Mad

Beyonce Born For Super Bowl What were you born to do in life? Beyonce’s ready for her big Super Bowl performance and says she “will absolutely be singing live….this is what I was born to […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake’s Grammy Return, Katy Perry Gets Fit With Burgers, Ke$ha Making MTV Crazy

Justin Timberlake’s Grammy Return He’s bringing his ‘Suit & Tie’ and bringing ‘SexyBack’! Justin Timberlake made the official announcement of him performing at the Grammys! Catch his return performance February 10th! Katy Perry Gets Fit […]


AMP Music Minute- Frank Ocean Pressing Charges, Alicia Keys Amused By Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo Possibly Replacing LA Reid

 Frank Ocean Pressing Charges Throwing blows in any way possible… Frank Ocean wants to press charges against Chris Brown after their Sunday night parking lot brawl. Watch out Breezy!!! Alicia Keys Amused By Bruno Mars […]


AMP Music Minute- ‘Thrift Shop’ Surprises Macklemore, Justin Bieber Going 3D Again, Rihanna Feeling Inspired

‘Thrift Shop’  Surprises Macklemore He can pop tags for days now! Macklemore never thought his hit, “Thrift Shop” would be a huge hit! He said at first he wasn’t even considering it to be a […]


AMP Music Minute- will.i.am Says More Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha’s Celebrity Issues, Ne-Yo’s Starstruck

will.i.am Says More Black Eyed Peas Who wants another serving of Black Eyed Peas? will.i.am confirms that the group is more on a “pause” than an actual break. He thinks ” going on a break” […]


AMP Music Minute- JT Giving You An Experience, The Lumineers Have Curtesy, Ne-Yo Fights For Beyonce

JT Giving You An Experience March Madness=Justin Timberlake’s Back! JT wants you to have the full “20/20 Experience” March 19th! The album will definitely be on our list that day! The Lumineers Have Curtesy Don’t […]


AMP Music Minute- David Guetta Making Beats, DirectTV’s Super Bowl Bash, Kendrick Lamar Excited For SNL

David Guetta Making Beats Holiday season is over! David Guetta is back at favorite studio in London working on new hits! He announced on Twitter, “Last time was with Rihanna and it went amazing. This […]


AMP Music Minute-Taylor Swift Wants Single Life, Adam Levine Prepping, Ke$ha Loves Obama

Taylor Swift Wants Single Life Seems like trouble and love might be behind her. Taylor Swift finally wants to be single for a bit. “I love the idea of romance and falling in love” – […]


AMP Music Minute- More ‘Screamin’ Hits By Britney Spears, Idol’s Shy Judge, Lupe Fiasco Booted Off Stage

More ‘Screamin’ Hits By Britney Spears Get ready for more ‘Screams’ & Shouts’!! Will.i.am’s been in the studio with Britney Spears for more possible hits for her upcoming album! Idol’s Shy Viewer Who’s shy about […]


AMP Music Minute-Alicia Keys Set To Light Up Super Bowl, The Lumineers Never Leave Fans, Rihanna Admires Hard Rapper

Alicia Keys Set To Light Up Super Bowl This girl is truly on fire! With a new tour coming soon, Alicia Keys will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl! Be sure to have […]


AMP Music Minute- Rihanna Launching Fashion Line, Britney Spears $200 Million War, Trey Songz & J. Cole Teaming Up

Rihanna Launching Fashion Line Wanna have swag like RiRi?!? Soon enough you will! Rihanna’s clothing line, “River Island” is set to launch March 5th! Though the line itself is focused in the UK, have no […]


AMP Music Minute- Ellie Goulding Says Follow Your Dreams, Usher Is The New Hot Guy, Rihanna And Chris Brown Reunion?

Ellie Goulding Says Follow Your Dreams Ellie can make ‘Anything Happen’! She says you should absolutely follow your dreams if you want to be in music. But “never go into it thinking that it’s going […]


AMP Music Minute- Beyonce Rumors, Nicki Minaj’s $750 Gig, Ke$ha’s Low Budget Song

Beyonce Rumors Step aside Lana Del Rey! Beyonce is rumored to be the new face of H&M… “To the left, to the left…” Nicki Minaj’s $750 Gig What was Nicki Minaj’s first role? Just so […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake Goes 20/20, Britney Spears Taking Over Vegas, Rihanna Out Of Control

 Justin Timberlake Goes 20/20 Who’s feeling “Suit & Tie”? Justin Timberlake’s new single already became an online hit and he has revealed his new album is arriving later this year. Prepare yourselves for “The 20/20 […]


AMP Music Minute- Beyonce Working With Hit Makers & More, Katy Perry Working With Songwriter, Trey Songz Almost Didn’t Make The Cut In Film

Beyonce Working With Hit Makers & More Can you keep up with all this?!? Beyonce confirmed that she’s been working in the studio with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Pharell. Also the Super Bowl is about […]


AMP Music Minute- Justin Timberlake Teases Fans, Alicia Keys & Miguel On Fire, Beyonce Announces Big News

Justin Timberlake Teases Fans The wait is over…. Justin Timberlake says he doesn’t want to put out music he doesn’t love so that’s why it’s been a long wait for him to bring sexy back. […]


AMP Music Minute- Grammy Performances Announced, Beyonce Will Stun Inauguration, K-Mart Signs Deal With Nicki Minaj And Adam Levine

Grammy Performances Announced Get your popcorn ready folks!! Rihanna, Fun. and Taylor Swift will invade the Grammys with their voices!! Be sure to watch their performances and all the wins on February 10th!! Beyonce Will […]


AMP Music Minute- Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Love Nest, Bruno Mars’s Hat Secret, Justin Bieber To Perform on SNL

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Love Nest There’s love and gold in Bel Air!!! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dropped $11 million for a mansion next door to Jennifer Aniston. The love nest is undergoing […]


AMP Music Minute-Nicki Minaj Launching New Projects, Rihanna Fights Fans, Bruno Mars Loves Showing Off

Nicki Minaj Launching New Projects She’s already making the world smell good, so what now? Nicki Minaj is finalizing the deal as we speak for a new fashion, accessory and houseware line. Only one small […]


AMP Music Minute- Ke$ha Motivated By Haters, Skrillex Has Too Many Songs, Trey Songz Waited For Acting

Ke$ha Motivated By Haters Who has the Warrior album? Ke$ha remembers “every person who told me I couldn’t do something or that I was ugly or too fat” and says negative comment just motivate her […]


AMP Music Minute- Calvin Harris’s Sandwich Career, J.Cole’s Delayed Sinning, Flo Rida Admires Diva

Calvin Harris’s Sandwich Career Feeling hungry anyone? Calvin Harris compares making great pop music to making a great ham sandwich. He says, “It’s incredibly easy to do, but hard to do perfectly.” Yum….where’s my sandwich?!? […]


AMP Music Minute: Bruno Mars Is All About Singing, Kanye West Won’t Show Grammys Love, Usher To Be Strict

Bruno Mars Is All About Singing Can he get any more humble?!? Bruno Mars never set out to be famous. He says he wants to write and sing, but knows that being in the limelight […]


AMP Music Minute: Money Can’t Buy Calvin Harris, Cover Me Bruno Mars, Debut Album Shock For Kendrick Lamar

 Money Can’t Buy Calvin Harris Sometimes it really is all about the music! Calvin Harris says you can’t buy him. His remixes he makes is usually done through swaps and favors and he says that […]


AMP Music Minute- Year In Review: Taylor Swift Shattered Us With Red, Ellie Goulding Lit Up 2012, Bruno Mars Made Us Laugh and Locked Us In

Taylor Swift Shattered Us With Red The music charts were covered in ‘Red’ this year… Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ album sold 1.2 copies in the first week, making that the highest 1st week of sales in […]


AMP Music Minute-Year In Review: Katy Perry’s Interesting Year, Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Moments, Flo Rida Partied With AMP

Katy Perry’s Interesting Year So not everything was sugar and spice in Perryland… Katy Perry had a successful re-release of her “Teenage Dream” album as well as blockbuster 3D movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me”. […]


AMP Music Minute-Year In Review: Calvin Harris And Rihanna Found Love, Carly Rae Jepsen Called Us, Coachella Gets Holographic

Calvin Harris And Rihanna Found Love The year’s hottest mainstream track made love through the speakers! Calvin Harris really broke into the mainstream when he collaborated with Rihanna on her smash, “We Found Love”. Carly […]


AMP Music Minute-Year In Review: Gotye Stayed In Our Heads, Psy’s Amp Moment,P!nk Makes 1st #1 Album

Gotye Stayed In Our Heads He became someone we still knew! Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” became the song everyone couldn’t get enough of… Then we couldn’t get it to away! Psy’s Amp […]


AMP Music Minute-Year In Review: Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Bundle Of Joy, LMAO Stops Party Rockin’, Adele Shows Who’s Boss

Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Bundle Of Joy Wow! Who remembers January 7th 2012?!? Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed music’s royal baby into the world, little Blue Ivy Carter! LMAO Stops Party Rockin’ Sometimes you party rock too […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna’s $12 Million Present, March Madness With Kid Cudi, Flo Rida Blessed

Rihanna’s  $12 Million Present No big deal! Santa came early… Rihanna just dropped $12 million on a new Pacific Palisades mansion. It has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and is 11,000 sq. feet! Can we have […]


AMP Music Minute: Usher Lends A HAND, It’s Britney…8.0, Miguel Makes Bedroom Hits

Usher Lends A HAND Throw your hands up if you’re talented and need management! Usher will be one of the partners in a new entertainment company called, ‘HAND Entertainment.’ HANDS stands for “Have A Nice […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Blastin’ In Animation, Snoop Dogg Getting Own Cartoon, P!Nk Says Goodbye To Instagram

Rihanna Blastin’ In Animation Nicki Minaj did it….now it’s Rihanna’s turn!!! The island beauty says she “had a blast” doing the voiceover for an animated film. She got to keep her accent for the role […]


AMP Music Minute: Justin Bieber’s Big Screen Debut, Lil Wayne Loves Simple Things, Forbes Highest Earning Women In Music

Justin Bieber’s Big Screen Debut Can the Biebs play basketball? Find out when Justin Bieber takes his skills to the big screen! Justin will star in his first major movie with Mark Wahlberg, it’ll be […]


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