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(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Diplo Says “Express Yourself” So The AMP Staff Does Just That

Diplo’s one of my favorite DJs and producers, and that’s mostly because of his sense of humor. Oh, and of course because his songs are AWESOME. High energy. Perfect for your weekend playlist. You know […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Kanye Drops “Cruel Summer” Onto Seena’s Playlist

Go ahead and judge Kanye for all of his mic-grabbing, Jesus-walking, Kardashian-loving antics but every time he releases a new song my insides still get all warm and fuzzy.  Face it, he’s made a major […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Mac Miller “Missed Calls” Is On Seena’s iPhone 5 Edition Playlist

I did it.  I beat the internets.  I fought the digital stampeding masses and pre-ordered the new iPhone!  White 32GB, if you must know. With all the phone talk going on recently with Apple’s announcement, […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Trey Songz Gets In The Shower and Gets On Seena’s Playlist

I mean… do I even need to say anything else? Great song, Kelly Rowland’s in the video, blahblahblah TREY SONGZ IS IN THE SHOWER! Ok, I’ll calm down now. The very sexy man has a […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Seena’s Playlist Guilty Pleasure with Train “50 Ways To Say Goodbye”

That Pat Monahan. He writes a mean pop song. Actually most of Train’s recent singles have been seriously catchy stuff. I mean, even Carson had a little love/tweetfest with the band about how their last […]



Comic-Con 2012: Seena’s Epic Photo Album

With my trusty iPhone by my side (God bless technology), I searched high and low for everything awesome at the 2012 Comic-Con held in San Diego this past weekend. From video games, crazy costumes, to […]


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No Doubt’s “Settle Down” World Premieres On AMP Radio, Fans React On Twitter!

It’s been 11 years since No Doubt’s last album Rock Steady, so AMP Radio was freaking out all weekend when we realized we got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to premiere the band’s first single in over […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Your Tweets Get Wonder Girls and Akon “Like Money” On Seena’s Playlist

I’m always looking for new music and love being able to count on YOUR tweets (@TheSeena) for great tips. Thank you! This week’s pick was all you! @TheSeena #REQUEST WONDER GIRLS FT. AKON – Like […]


(Photo: AMP Radio, Los Angeles)

Your Summer Anthem “Only One” by Sammy Adams On Seena’s Playlist

As soon as I heard this song for the first time, I wanted to hear it again. I’ve been looking for something so infectiously catchy that I had to download it immediately for my Playlist […]



Seena’s Playlist Featuring MTV ‘Buzzworthy’ Artist Skye Stevens

Think of him as the Armenian Justin Bieber. He sings, he dances, and he’s “swaggy” as the Biebs would put it himself. Though I’m sure he’s already getting that comparison, it’s a compliment he totally earns […]