911 call

Photo by Olivier Laban-Mattei/AFP/Getty Images

911 Calls Triggered By Cable TV Outage During “Breaking Bad”

Don’t get us wrong, we love us some good TV, but this seems a tad outrageous. 911 operators in Fairfield, Conn. were flooded with calls from angry residents who demanded to know why their cable […]


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nurse Refuses To Perform CPR On Dying Senior Citizen

We get that rules are put in place for a reason, but when it comes down to saving a life, we could never stand back and watch someone die. Over the weekend, Carson was watching […]


Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images

Lion Dog Causes Panicked 911 Calls!

Imagine you’re just sitting around in your front yard and you see a baby lion walking down the street like it’s no big deal. What would you do? Probably call 911, right? That’s exactly what […]