Producer Angie

Producer Angie

Producer Angie Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You already saw McCabe take the challenge, and he challenged Seena, which you will see soon. But what we didn’t see coming was Producer Angie coming out of left field and challenging ALL of the […]


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Shut Up Hot Girl: Jessica Alba Stays In Shape By Eating Desserts & Nachos

We’d like to preface this by saying Producer Angie is a huge supporter of women. She’s a woman herself, although you’d never know it by her bone-dry tear ducts!

But every once in awhile, someone of the female persuasion says something so utterly ridiculous, Angie has to put them on blast.

Today is that day for Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.


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Is It Okay To Change A Baby’s Diaper In A Restaurant Booth?

Producer Angie is mother to a newly-potty trained toddler, so she’s finally getting a break from all of the constant diaper changes. During these past couple of years, she figured she had seen it all, […]


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Top 5 Rudest Things Your Co-Workers Do

We wish Smell-O-Vision existed because there’s no way to describe how nasty our AMP Radio kitchen smells right now! People cram the grossest things inside of our fridge and leave it there for weeks, months, […]


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AMP Listeners Share Their Craziest Ex Stories

Admit it: we all have that one crazy ex. Whether they’re trying to get you back or get back at you, people do some outrageous stuff in the name of love! And of course, Carson was […]



Chocodile Twinkies Are Back!

Do you guys remember this delicious chocolate treat? Chocolate covered Twinkies, called Chocodile, that apparently were SO popular at one point in time, and so coveted by people all over the country that some paid […]


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Producer Angie Almost Forgets Her Own Wedding Anniversary

Usually it’s the man who can’t remember birthdays and holidays, but believe it or not, Producer Angie almost forgot that her own wedding anniversary is just days away! Angie married her husband Chad 12 years […]


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Study: Sleeping Naked Leads to a Happier Marriage

Now THIS is what we’re talking about. Forget the periodic table, we need to know about the important scientific stuff, like how much happier we all would be if everyone just slept naked. It’s true! […]


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Watch Producer Angie Get Hypnotized By Sasha Carrion

Earlier this week, Producer Angie confessed she’s never eaten a salad in her life and wants to start eating more veggies. One of her friends suggested hypnotherapy and one of our listeners who happens to […]


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Producer Angie Gets Hypnotized Live On AMP Radio

Producer Angie is one of the most in-shape moms we’ve ever met, but you’d never guess that if you took a look at her diet.   She’s a self-admitted candy addict who has sworn off vegetables and […]