[Video + Poll] Carson Daly: Cute Kid Gets His Backpack Stolen!

There’s a new video making the rounds on YouTube today and it’s pretty darn adorable.  Cute little boy + stolen pack = viral video gold.  Don’t believe me? Keep reading…


AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

We can all admit to pretending to be a popstar every now and again in our shower or car, we just don’t usually put it on tape.  Well this little boy is sharing with us […]


AMP Mornings: Johnny Depp Stages Mutiny at an Elementary School?

This is just more proof that Johnny Depp is as amazing as we believe he is.  The Pirates of the Caribbean actor showed up in full costume at a London school after a 9-year-old asked him […]


Music Video Premiere And Poll: Bruno Mars, “Just The Way You Are”

We are trying to write this post, but we are not entirely finished swooning over how amazing [lastfm]Bruno Mars’ [/lastfm] new video for “Just The Way You Are” is. Girls, prepare to grin all day […]