Album Review

Street Date: American Idol 10th Anniversary – The Hits: Volume 1

Each Tuesday our friends at Street Date review the hottest albums hitting the street. Check back and get the down low before you buy. It’s been a decade since we were first introduced to [lastfm […]


[Album Review] Ke$ha Will Eat You Up With ‘Cannibal’

Crack open your soon-to-be outlawed 4Loko and pour a little on the glitter-encrusted floor. This one goes out to all those girls not afraid of their sexuality; the girls who manipulate men to do their […]


[Album Review] Rihanna Gets Loud On The Dance Floor

[lastfm]Rihanna[/lastfm]’s Loud certainly paints quite the picture, at least for us it does, from the very first track we immediately found ourselves wanting to stand up on a table while the lights in the room […]


Shakira Returns To Her Roots On “Sale el Sol”

[pullquote quote=”And I’m crazy, but you like it, You like that it ain’t easy” credit=”Shakira from ‘Loca’”] Before [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm] exploded onto the American music scene in 2001 with her first bilingual album Laundry Service the […]