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PSY, Rihanna, & Maroon 5 Are “Keeping Score” On The Daly Download!

“Gangnam Style” is hands down, one of the biggest success stories of 2012. Who would’ve thought a K-pop song, sung mostly in Korean, would go viral on the internet and take over radio airwaves within […]


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Alex Clare, Ke$ha, & Kanye West Join The Daly Download “Clique!”

In case you weren’t aware, not just anybody can hang out on the Daly Download. It’s an elite group of artists who have managed to become the top five downloaded songs in Southern California. Some […]


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One Direction, Ke$ha, & Bruno Mars Aren’t “Locked Out Of” The Daly Download!

After working on his new album for about a year, Bruno Mars is once again heating up the charts with his new single, “Locked Out Of Heaven!” Mars spoke with Carson yesterday about the inspiration behind […]


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PSY, Rihanna, & One Direction “Live While They’re Young” On The Daly Download!

We figured that last week’s excitement of three new Daly Download tunes would begin to fade after a few days, but the hits just keep on coming! Today marks a special day on Carson’s countdown. […]


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Rihanna, Taylor Swift, & Ke$ha “Make The Most Of The Night” On The Daly Download!

It’s official. The newbies have taken over the Daly Download! This week, we got brand new spankin’ music from Ke$ha and Rihanna and the ladies came ready to win. Yesterday, Rihanna went home with the top honors, but […]


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Ke$ha, PSY, & Enrique Iglesias “Finally Found” The Daly Download!

We mentioned yesterday that there’s an influx of new music invading the pop world and they are wasting no time shooting up to the top of the charts. Ke$ha debuted her new single “Die Young” on […]


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Alex Clare, Maroon 5, & PSY Go “Gangnam Style” On The Daly Download!

It’s a busy time for new music. Ke$ha dropped her new single “Die Young” early this morning, No Doubt’s Push and Shove finally hits shelves today, and Rihanna’s rumored to be releasing her new track […]


PSY, Alex Clare, Adam Levine

PSY, Alex Clare, & Maroon 5 “Let It All Go” On The Daly Download!

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of autumn in these parts. In pop music, there’s always a lot of buzz given to the “song of the summer” and now that the season is coming to a […]


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Justin Bieber, PSY, & Taylor Swift Don’t “Need Space” From The Daly Download!

It’s official…this is the fiercest Daly Download lineup we’ve seen in a long time! For the past several days, the same five artists have been battling it out with no clear winner in sight! Taylor […]


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Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, & Alex Clare “Got To Be True” To The Daly Download!

Today, the Daly Download is more cutthroat than ever…and no, it’s not because of the pop stars duking it out for the #1 slot. This time, the real competition is going down on the AMP […]