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[Interview] Diddy Bros Down With Carson; Debuts Dirty Money Collab, ‘Coming Home’

When we imagine [lastfm]Diddy[/lastfm], we imagine him shrouded in a decadent purple fur cape, balancing a giant crown on his head, with a harem full of model-esque women doing his bidding. How can we not? As […]


AMP Mornings: Bruno Mars Talks to Carson Daly

What is about a fedora that makes a man look like he knows what he is doing? And what is it about Bruno Mars that makes us sing-along to love songs despite our romantic cynicism? […]


AMP Mornings: Seena’s All Growed Up

On January 4, 2010, my alarm woke me up at the ungodly hour of 4am. I rolled out of bed, hopped in the shower, jumped in the car, and got to AMP Radio before the […]


AMP Mornings: Enrique Water Skis In The Nude

[lastfm]Enrique Iglesias[/lastfm] water skis in the buff just as he promised, while Whoopi Goldberg puts a housewife in check and movie buff Ben Lyons calls into talk about this weekend’s movies.


AMP Mornings: Eminem Drops From The Top Spot

[lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm] spent five weeks at the number one spot with his latest album, Recovery. This week he was sadly knocked down to the number 2 spot, so who took over the top spot?


AMP Mornings: “Why Is This News?”

The morning show crew discusses hot topics including the Jersey Shore season premiere, Speidi update, X-Games this weekend and a whole lot more! Take a listen to all this  news and more after the jump!


AMP Mornings: News

Everything you need to know about what’s going on this morning including: Jennifer Aniston’s restaining order, how much money the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ is set to make next season, and why [lastfm]Ice-T[/lastfm] hates the police… Well… why he […]


AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

Rainbows are beautiful and they can put a smile on anyone’s face… Right? Well… this guy was a little TOO excited. SO excited that it made Carson Daly’s Viral Video of the Day!


AMP Mornings: Who’s Water Skiing In Their Birthday Suit?

Don’t want to waste your time watching the news or surfing the Internet for news? Let Carson and the Morning Show crew fill you in on today’s top stories including the Mel Gibson tirade, a […]


AMP Mornings: News

  Everything you need to know about what’s going on this morning including: Top 5 fashion mistakes men make according to women, Mel Gibson at it again,  who’s on top of the charts, and a […]