The 10 Greatest Michael Jackson Moments

With one of the Biggest and Longest careers in the music industry, We count down the top 10 moments of MJ’s Life.


Jay-Z Declares “Death of Auto Tune”

The music industry has a another tragic death this weekend. Will music be the same? And what does Jay-Z have to do with it?


Chris Brown Gets The Boot from BET

Jay-z made the BET Awards drop Chris Brown from performing as a part of the Michael Jackson tribute special.


2009 BET Award Show Recap and Performances

The music industry’s biggest and brightest stars showed up Sunday night for the 2009 BET Awards, including Keri Hilson!


The Symphony Does Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” gets covered by an orchestra, and it’s not half bad. Now who thinks that classical music is boring?


AMP Radio Takes A Beach Day!

Due to the massive heat wave this weekend, The AMP-Tourage decided to break out the sunscreen and head down to the beach.


Gossip Gate: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Katy Perry

The Gossip keeps coming with Katy Perry in pizza, Mariah Carey getting retouched, and Beyonce giving shout outs to Obama’s Kids


Leona Lewis Is One Sexy Veggie

PETA names Leona Lewis the “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian.” She beats out some very sexy competition for the meatless title.


AMParazzi: The Veronicas @ Music Box

The AMP-Tourage packed up their ride and headed over to the Music Box in Hollywood to hang out with all the fans at The Veronicas concert.


Adam Lambert’s Pre-Idol Recordings Released

Adam Lambert doesn’t like the work he did with a small time record label that is now releasing music he recorded before American Idol.