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[Poll] Carson Daly Wants To Know: Why Does Gwyneth Paltrow Get Such A Bad Rap?

Do you have a certain celebrity that you totally dislike? Sometimes, you don’t even know why they bug you, but they still manage to rub you the wrong way! It seems like across the board, […]


Carson Daly: Top 5 Crappiest Christmas Songs

If you’re like me, your holiday music playlist is getting a work out these days, but there’s always that one song that just annoys the crap out of you! The morning show decided to count […]


[Video] Carson Daly: The Most Annoying Model in the World

It’s no secret that models can be divas.  They have outrageous demands and can make life ever so difficult for their staff, but at least they’re hot and take breathtaking photos. But there’s one model […]


AMP Mornings: Which Celebs Would You Banish to the Chilean Mine?

First off, how amazing is it that all these Chilean miners are being rescued? I haven’t been able to take my eyes off the news! But it got us here at the morning show thinking…wouldn’t […]