[Pics] Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Controversial Album Cover

“Ok, first things first, I’ll eat your brains/Then I’mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs/Cause that’s what a muthaf**king monster do.” Ok, first things first, Nicki, you are taking this whole “I’m a monster Barbie […]


Cee-Lo Says “F**k You” Is Art

Last week we brought you the exclusive ability to hear the clean version of Cee-Lo Green’s new hit “F**k You.” After hearing that people generally prefer the unclean version, Cee-Lo is here to prove that […]


Lady Gaga Becomes ‘Lady, Gimme Miss Venezuela’s Solar Suit.’

Finally someone outshone [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] (probably literally) in that quirky, let-me-disembowel-you-with-my-hat way. After [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] saw Miss Venezuela in her custom body suit made of 3000 solar panel silver triangles and 9000 Swarosvki crystals, she became Lady […]