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Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey Gets The Auto-Tune Treatment!

Now that three kidnapped women missing for more than a decade are home safe and sound, the real star of the story is beginning to emerge. That’s right, it’s neighbor Charles Ramsey! After kicking down […]


[Video + Poll] AMP Mornings: Antoine Dodson Performs at the BET Awards!

Our favorite YouTube superstar is really moving up in the world! First an interview with Katie Couric and now a performance at the BET Awards, [lastfm]Antoine Dodson[/lastfm] shows no signs of stopping.  Check out his […]


“The Bed Intruder Song” Marching Band Version

Well if the catchy auto-tuned version of Lincoln Park, Alamba’s Antoine Dodson couldn’t get any catchier, there is now a marching band version.  The North Carolina Blue and Gold Marching Band decided to use, “The […]


Antoine Dodson – Run ‘N Tell Dat! Homeboy!

So if you were under a rock this weekend you missed the X-Games, Snooki going to jail, and Antoine Dodson from Alabama.  Antoine is like the X-Games of hillarity and  has better hair and is cooler than Snooki.  […]


“Things Fall Apart” For 50 Cent

[lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm] is hitting the big screen again, know he will not be playing himself , he will play a hardcore football player. You will not believe how many pounds he will have to lose […]


Auto-Tune The News #9: Nobel, Health Care, United Nations.

Auto-tuned news, for people with an ear for information!


Auto-Tune The News #8 Featuring T-Pain

T-Pain teams up with the crew from Auto-Tune The News to bring you the best news the internet has to offer. Watch it here!


Autotune The News #2: Drugs & Gay Marriage

The autotune the news series is back for round two and this time they’re tackling serious issues with Katie Couric. Watch the video here!



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