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Mornings With Carson Daly Discuss The Top 10 Beers That Make Us Feel Cool

What brew should you buy if you want to be the cool kid at the party? The answer may surprise you!


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Best Bars To Celebrate 2015 St. Patrick’s Day In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a parade, an Irish jig, green beer and some luck of the Irish. Pub crawls, parking lot bashes and Irish fare from morning to night gives Angelenos something to do every hour of the day on March 17th.



Best Breweries In Los Angeles

As the craft beer boom continues to explode, Los Angeles is slowly but surely proving that you don’t need to travel to Orange County and San Diego to get your SoCal hop and malt fix. […]


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What Does Your Go-To Drink Say About Your Personality?

Beer, wine, cocktails, shots…the possibilities are endless when you head out for a night at the bar.


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Rating LA Dodgers Food Concessions From First to Worst

We took it upon ourselves to draft a lineup of the best and worst food items at Dodgers Stadium, finally deciding which delicious treats hit a home run and which can stay in the dugout.


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Big Bite Bacon Fest Brings Beer & Bacon To The Queen Mary

By Nadia Noir Head to the Queen Mary this weekend to celebrate the three B’s–bacon, beer, and boats. The haunted ship, nestled into its cozy resting space in Long Beach, will host Long Beach’s first-ever […]


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Beer Vending Machines May Soon Be Coming To Ballparks Near You

Talk about a home run for impatient beer-guzzling baseball fans. Instead of missing an awesome play while waiting in an impossibly long line for some overpriced draught, Minnesota Twins fans will get their very own beer vending machines at Target Field in Minneapolis. Los Angeles (im)patiently awaits this giant leap in modern technology.


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#ToplessSummer: Ten Strangest Beers to Enjoy At Your Summer Rager

Turn your homies onto these ten unique microbrews at your summer rager.


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Conan O’Brien Visits Guinness Beer Brewery: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is my favorite day of the year, without a doubt. The holiday commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Being Irish Catholic myself, I enjoy going to my local […]


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It’s Miller Time For Lady Gaga!

New York resident Lady Gaga sure does know how to escape a storm.  While on a break from her Monster Ball tour, she tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Miller Lite bikini from the […]