AMP Mornings: Enrique Water Skis In The Nude

[lastfm]Enrique Iglesias[/lastfm] water skis in the buff just as he promised, while Whoopi Goldberg puts a housewife in check and movie buff Ben Lyons calls into talk about this weekend’s movies.


See Inception for FREE with Carson!

NO THIS IS NOT A DREAM!!  Carson’s taking over a theatre to see the #1 movie in the country, INCEPTION, and he wants you to join him!  Come out to the Regal Cinema LA LIVE Stadium 14 […]


Angie Breaks Down ‘Inception’ For Carson

Carson still hasn’t seen the raved about mind-thriller Inception and in his quest to know if it’s worth seeing he interviews Producer Angie.  She gives him a great break down of the film without any […]


AMP Mornings: Carson Gets Drunk Dialed

Carson’s phone op Seena finds out why it’s never a good idea to dial your bosses number when you’re drunk. Especially when that boss can play the voicemail over the air for everyone to hear. But […]


AMP Mornings: Carson New Favorite Treat

Carson took at trip to the Santa Monica Pier this weekend and discovered his new favorite thing…we’ll give you a clue, it’s a freeze-dried goodie that sticks to your tongue in little pieces.  Think you […]


AMP Mornings: Worst ‘True Blood’ Recap

Seena tries to get Carson on the True Blood bandwagon with her recap of the latest episode.  But Carson just ends up getting confused and frustrated from Seena’s nonsensical recap, do you follow what’s going on […]


AMP Mornings: Morning Show Recap 7/9/2010

Wondering went on during AMP’s morning show, get the recap of all the biggest news stories after the jump!


AMP Mornings: Morning Show Recap 7/8/2010

Carson covered the hot topics this morning including the 62nd Primetime Emmy Award nominations, Lindsay’s jail rave and LeBron James’ big announcement. 


The VIP Thumb Makes Its Way Around Switcho De Mayo

We had a huge turnout for Carson’s Switcho De Mayo party at Ambiente. There was so much excitement in the building and everyone was having a great time! One very important attendee was captured at the center of […]


If I Won The AMP Coachella Tickets…

  The phones have been blowing up here in the phone op. room. Apparently, everybody and their mama want these Coachella tickets. AMP Radio listeners have four-times the chance of winning tickets to the summer’s […]