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Katy Perry, No Doubt, & Ellie Goulding Are “Calling Home” To The Daly Download!

The Olympics opening ceremony kicks off later today, but let’s be honest, the real competition is right here on the Daly Download! Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but countdown has been pretty cutthroat […]


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Pink, Flo Rida, & No Doubt Are “Hella Positive For Real” On The Daly Download!

The lady pop stars of AMP Radio have been having their way with the Daly Download for a few days now, but they better watch their backs because No Doubt is taking matters into their own hands! […]


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AMP Music Minute: Katy Perry Is “Happy,” Cher Lloyd Performing On America’s Got Talent & Ne-Yo Turned Down Martin Luther King Jr. Role

Katy Perry Says She Is Happy – Katy Perry has a lot of singles, but if you notice only a couple of them are a “sad” tune. Divorce is a difficult process to endure but […]


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Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, & Cher Lloyd Aren’t “Looking Like A Pair Of Clowns” On The Daly Download!

It seems lately that no one person can hold onto the #1 slot on the Daly Download for more than a day at a time, but that isn’t discouraging the ladies one bit. In fact, […]


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Katy Perry, Pink, & Flo Rida Blow The Whistle On The Daly Download!

Happy Monday, everybody! This week, Carson’s pulling out all the stops for the Daly Download. If you are the lucky caller who can correctly identify the top 5 downloaded songs in Southern California, he will […]


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Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, & Pink Haven’t Had Enough Of The Daly Download!

It’s a busy day here at the morning show. The lovely Pink just stopped by for a live interview with our very own Carson! She’s been tearing up the Daly Download ever since the release of […]


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David Guetta, Flo Rida, & No Doubt Are “Rough & Tough” On The Daly Download!

It’s been a couple days since No Doubt obliterated the competition with their first single in more than a decade. Now, pardon the pun, things are starting to “settle down.” Were the Orange County natives able […]


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David Guetta, Cher Lloyd, & No Doubt “Settle Down” The Daly Download!

Okay, we know you’re all excited about No Doubt’s brand new single, but you guys really gotta “Settle Down!” Just kidding! It’s been 11 years since we’ve heard new music from the SoCal born and bred band, so […]


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Flo Rida, Katy Perry, & Pink Are “Hanging On Too Tight” To The Daly Download!

Yesterday, we noticed a trend on the Daly Download…total female domination! Four out of the five most-downloaded songs in SoCal belonged to singers of the female persuasion. In fact, Flo Rida was the only man to appear […]


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Ellie Goulding, Pink, & Cher Lloyd Say Anything They Wanna On The Daly Download!

Who says it’s every man for himself? It’s all about the women of the Daly Download today! Slowly but surely, our favorite AMP Radio lady pop stars have been making their voices heard on the […]